Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jenna: 4 Months

Happy 4 month birthday Jenna! It was really hard getting a good picture of you this month. You kept trying to roll over, stand up, or eat the sticker off of your shirt. (You love sucking on your little hands all day long now!)
You started rolling over this month! So far you only do it from back to tummy. You roll on to your tummy and then get tired pretty quickly of that position and start crying until I roll you back over. So different from your active brothers!
You enjoyed your first ride in a shopping cart this month (my first time shopping without wearing you!).
You like sitting in your Bumbo seat now. You love sitting and watching me work in the kitchen. As long as you are well rested and fed, you're pretty content to just sit and "talk" to someone.
Speaking of talking, here is a video of you talking. You are a little chatterbox these days! You love when people smile and talk to you. Such a social little girl!
 You still won't take a pacifier....
But that's okay, because you generally don't need much soothing. The only time you really get fussy is when you are overly tired. You take 2-3 naps per day. They've been averaging around 45 minutes each, although just this last week you had a couple days where you took two 1.5 hr naps. I was pleasantly surprised! Nighttime is still great. I nurse and rock you to sleep around 7:30 or 8pm. You wake up somewhere between 1 and 3am to nurse, and then go back to sleep in your crib until about 7am. I honestly couldn't ask for better sleeping habits from you!
You still wear your pink hat on cold days and get tons of compliments.
Your cheeks are getting sooo chubby! You also have a cute double chin and one tiny roll on one of your thighs. I love watching my sweet girl get bigger and chubbier!
I love you so much Jenna Mae "Ah Goo"! (Daddy's nickname). I can't wait to see what you learn this next month.

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