Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend In The Sun

We had such a great weekend! Adam's Mom came up for a visit and joined in on the fun with us. We spent a lot of time outside because the weather was just gorgeous.

We started Friday off with an Easter egg hunt at the local park with Ryan's preschool class. Lucas got to join in too!
Ryan met the Easter bunny for the first time. Lucas wouldn't get anywhere near him. Oh well, maybe next year!
Friday afternoon we pulled out the boys' wading pool and filled it up. Action shot! They stripped down naked shortly after this shot, but I'll spare you the pictures.
On Saturday we went to a beautiful local nursery and bought some plants for our backyard. We still have so many more to buy, but it was a good start!
I planted some flowers in a pot. They look so nice on our back porch!
That afternoon Ryan went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. He had a blast!
Sunday morning we all went to church. Here is Jenna praying during the service.
Happy girl!! (Can't even tell she is sick with a yucky cold, can you?)
We went out for milkshakes after church at a local place called Taylor's. They have an entire wall listing their milkshake flavors! Sunday afternoon we spent more time in the backyard planting. Adam's Mom got the chain for our little swing that I've had for years. We finally live in a house with a tree out back so we put it up and Lucas tested it out.
Here he is about ten minutes later.
Twins! I guess we've been together so long we're starting to look like each other. Wrinkles and all.
We ended the weekend with tacos on the back porch. It was such a nice weekend. Beautiful weather and lots of time spent in our backyard. Did you do anything fun?

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