Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lists and Decisions

I am a big list maker. I figure the more things I can write down on paper, the less I have to try and remember. And these days, with our move right around the corner and a baby on the way.....well I have a lot of lists! I carry a notebook around that I usually use for my meal planning and grocery list. Right now I've got pages and pages of lists going on inside of it.

A list of utilities and bills to switch once we move. A general "to do" list of things that need to be done at our house before we move. A list of things to buy for the new baby. (I was surprised at how much we need for our 3rd child! Many things we own are too "boy" or just plain broken or worn out from two boys). A list of freezer food to eat before we move. A list of things to buy for the new house. A list of birthday and Christmas shopping I'd like to get done before the baby arrives. A list of potential baby names. I'm getting tired of lists!

But what starts to overwhelm me are all the decisions that go along with those lists. Do we switch our internet provider to a potentially more affordable option? Do we choose the baby name we love that doesn't necessarily sound great with out last name? Do we paint the family room walls gray and do an accent wall? Do we rent the moving truck with the lift gate that costs more money? Do we need to buy a ceiling fan for our new play room? Do I continue my prenatal care with a midwife or switch to a doctor once we move? And on and on and on!

Thankfully all of these decisions are good ones. They are all based on some big and exciting changes going on in our lives. And none of them are that important or lift-altering. Despite the stress of our lives right now we are incredibly blessed.

But if you see me out and about and I seem distracted or spacey, it's because I have a million thoughts and lists and decisions running through my head. That's probably why I lost my keys and debit card today while out with the boys. (Both were found!)

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