Monday, September 15, 2014

Life Update

I thought I'd do a little update on our life. It's kind of a crazy time right now for us!

Moving: Our plan is to move this Saturday. As in, just 5 short days away! I would estimate that I have at least half our house packed up. Even though I've been packing for over a month, there are so many things I haven't been able to pack because we're still using them. (Clothes, dishes, food). But this is the week to get serious and make it my full-time job to pack boxes. We spent the weekend finalizing our paint colors for the new house. (I hope I still love them once they are on the wall!) Our new house is kind of a mess of boxes everywhere, and our current house is also a mess. I hate it! Adam also spent the night up there painting the garage while I stayed here with the boys. I am excited to move but definitely sad about leaving the house we are in. Adam and I were talking about all the things we have done to this house to make it our home, and I finally just had to stop talking about it because it was making me too sad. I am sure we will make our new house our "home" in due time, though.

I will be 3/4 of the way through my pregnancy this week! I had my 29-week appointment last week but it was pretty uneventful. In summary, the baby is doing well and I am huge. This week I managed to both rip my underwear while trying to get them on, and trip and fall over a hotwheels car. I crashed down really hard on our hardwood floor, but landed on my side and knee instead of my tummy. Baby was moving around as usual so everything is fine. Up until now in my pregnancy I have felt tired every single day from about 1 to 3pm. I usually try to sit down for a few minutes and just relax, but immediately feel guilty and pop back up to get stuff done. But these past two weeks my urge to lay down seems to have turned into a need. One day I was sitting and playing a game with Ryan. Not physically exerting at all. But I was feeling so tired it was making me feel sick. So I turned on a video for Ryan, and promptly fell asleep. I put my head on my pillow and no less then two minutes later I was out. I can't remember that ever happening to me! So I'm trying to be really productive in the mornings when I have energy and then intentionally relaxing more in the afternoon when my body seems to shut down.

Family: Everyone keeps asks me how the boys are feeling about all these changes. My answer is usually that Lucas is too young to have a clue about what is happening. And Ryan knows what is about to happen, but doesn't fully understand it. He keeps saying that his friends will be moving with us, which is so cute but sad to hear! I think once he gets to spend more time with his cousins at our new house he will adjust pretty quickly.
Lucas is unfortunately sick right now, which is what I was dreading would happen right before our move. Both boys were congested last week. Ryan's turned into a short-lived cough. Now Lucas has the cough along with some wheezing. He is still running around acting like his usual crazy self, so he can't be feeling too sick. But the cough makes me worried at night so I am up a lot checking on him.
I think that's it for now! If I don't post much over the next week or so it's because we're busy packing and moving!


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