Thursday, September 18, 2014


We've had a couple roadblocks this week that set us back slightly. We are still moving this Saturday, although these disturbances have caused a little bit of extra stress with the move. Never a dull moment!

On Monday I was noticing that Lucas' wheezing was getting worse. I know from many years of experience with asthma myself, that it usually presents itself by a wheeze on the exhale. Every time Lucas exhaled I was hearing a strong wheeze. So I scheduled an appointment for that afternoon to get him checked by the doctor. I figured it would be a quick visit with a possible prescription for an inhaler, since Lucas has never had asthma before. The Doctor looked at his chest and noticed he was having retractions. He listened to his breathing and then told me Lucas was having an asthma attack. I was really surprised because an asthma attack seems much more serious than what Lucas seemed to have. He had been running around at home acting normal. The Dr. reminded me that asthma can go from mild to extremely serious in a very short amount of time. He then told me that Lucas would need to stay at the doctor's office or hospital unless his breathing improved quickly after treatment. I was worried, but thankful I had known to bring him in to get checked.

So I sat with Lucas while he did a 20-minute asthma breathing treatment. He pretty much thought it was torture, although I was able to distract him with stories and cars. After checking his oxygen levels and breathing a few more times, they decided he was breathing well enough to be released that day. But first he had to get an injection to bring down the inflammation in his airway. Then we had to go to the pharmacy to get 2 inhalers (which he will be on for twice a day for 3 weeks) and a liquid medicine to help with the inflammation. Hours later we were home! Lucas seems to be improving each day, although his wheezing starts up again if he is rough-housing too much with his brother. Plus, his inhaler acts as a steroid so it basically makes him even more hyper than usual. I am so glad my hyper Lucas is okay!

Then this morning I got a very frustrating call from UHaul. I reserved our moving truck with them a couple weeks ago. They called to inform me there were no trucks available in the size we need for this weekend. I was pretty upset. What was the point of making a reservation in advance? I told the girl we absolutely needed a truck, and that it was their responsibility to find us one. The nearest 26-foot truck was in Concord, a solid hour from our house. I requested they bring it to a closer location for us, but instead they offered to give us a discount if we picked it up. Plus we were able to get it today and have it for an extra day for free.
So I grudgingly told her we would do that. We had no other choice, since a few quick phone calls to other companies resulted in no other trucks available for this weekend. So we loaded up the boys and drove an hour to pick up the truck this morning. Of course when we got there they had no record of our discount on file, so I had to explain everything again. The guy tried to complain to me that the other UHaul location owed us a discount, and not them. By this point Lucas was having a full out tantrum in the UHaul lobby. So I told the man that none of this was our problem, and that I just wanted our truck and our discount. We got our discount, plus a 4th day for free. We headed back home with Adam driving the moving truck, and me driving Adam's truck with the boys in the backseat and a car trailer behind me. (We're trailing Adam's mustang to our new house).

It seems to be a blessing in disguise to have the moving truck early. There is a lot to load in to it! Plus we saved a little bit of money on the whole deal. And the boys are having a ton of fun playing inside the truck. Their little black feet are proof of that.

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