Friday, September 26, 2014

Honeymoon Phase

It has been a great week here in our new house! We've been unpacking boxes, decorating walls and shelves, moving furniture, and organizing every drawer or cupboard in the house. We've also run a few errands and slowly but surely we are getting to know our way around our new town. Of course there is still a ton to do here in terms of unpacking and feeling settled. But right now it feels like we are in the honeymoon phase with our house and new area. Everything is still relatively clean at our house. Everything is new and organized. The town seems exciting and unexplored. New potential friends to meet, new parks to explore, new stores to shop at. Everything has that honeymoon sparkle.

I know that once Adam is back at work and the house gets messy and things start to break and get unorganized.....things won't seem quite so new and exciting. Life will return to normal and then get turned upside down again once the baby arrives. But right now I'm feeling really happy with our move. It's feeling like it was the right thing to do and I am excited to settle in and make this house really feel like home.

One other thing I'm really happy about is Ryan's eating habits since we moved. It seems like his caloric intake has literally doubled this past week. (I hope this doesn't wear off after the honeymoon phase is over!) I have no idea why his appetite has increased, but I am so happy to see my little guy eating lots of healthy foods!

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