Monday, September 22, 2014

Settling In

We made it! We moved to Rocklin on Saturday and spent the last couple days getting settled in. On Saturday we made the two hour drive with an extremely full 26-foot truck, my full car, and Adam's full truck, towing his mustang. Adam got the entire truck unpacked with the help of my Dad and brother-in-law. We got the essentials set up, like the beds and other basic furniture. The house was (and still is) an absolute mess!

The boys did surprisingly well our first night in the house. Ryan only got out of bed once in the middle of the night and Lucas stayed in his bed all night. Unfortunately I was up almost the entire night. It was a combination of too much on my mind and the loud thunderstorm going on outside!

On Sunday Adam and my Dad drove the UHaul truck back to Newark for another load. Apparently we have a lot of stuff! They were gone almost all day. So my Mom and I got to work unpacking and organizing the kitchen. Later in the morning we went grocery shopping with the boys to stock my pantry.
After lunch while Lucas napped I organized the boys' play room. I think they're going to have a lot of fun with this room!
The rest of Sunday was spent going for a bike ride around the neighborhood, dinner, and playing in the backyard. The boys met a 7-year old boy who lives behind us. They were talking through the fence and the boy asked Ryan and Lucas what kind of games they have. He asked if they have a Nintendo. Lucas said "Noooo!". He asked if we have a Wii. Lucas said "Noooo!". He asked about a few more video games before finally saying "Well what games DO you have??". Ryan replied and said "I have the board kind of games! Chutes and Ladders and Candyland!". I thought Ryan's answer was so cute! I love that he is still so young and innocent.

This morning my Dad and Adam finished up moving a few more heavy pieces of furniture, while my Mom distracted the boys so I could unpack their clothes. After my parents left to go home we returned the truck to UHaul and came home to meet our cable guy. We now have internet and cable! Adam mounted our TV on the wall and we were reminded of how much we had missed having a TV for a few days.
Lucas and I made a trip to Trader Joe's this afternoon while Adam hooked up the washer and dryer. My dirty laundry mountain is our of control! After dinner we rode bikes over to our local park.

It's been a very tiring few days but we are really happy to be settling in to our new house. We have a million boxes left to unpack and I'm pretty sure my hair brush is in the garage and my box of china is in the guest bathroom......but that's okay. I am happy to have 10 weeks to get used to this house before baby girl is born. With Ryan I only had 10 days to unpack before he was born. Crazy!

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