Monday, June 23, 2014

Not In Vain

Ryan has said a couple of really sweet things lately that I want to share. Ryan is going through a rather frustrating phase of disobedience right now so I want to try to focus on the amazing things he is doing and learning these days.

We teach Ryan about God and Jesus and he is exposed to it at church as well as preschool, Mops, and Awana. But sometimes it's hard to know whether he is retaining anything he hears.
I was reminded recently that whenever we teach our children about God, it is not in vain.
We had our babysitter over the other day and she asked Ryan if he thought the new baby would be a boy or a girl. He replied by saying he didn't know, and that it would be whatever God gives us.  I thought that was such a sweet answer! Especially because I don't remember ever saying those exact words in front of Ryan.
Then just last week I witnessed something heart melting between my two boys. Ryan was telling Lucas that Jesus lives in his heart. He then asked Lucas if God was in his heart. When Lucas didn't respond, Ryan said "Do you want him to come into your heart? Just say this. Dear God. Come into my heart. Amen."
It was perhaps the best thing I have ever heard Ryan say.

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