Wednesday, June 18, 2014

17-Week Prenatal Visit

I had my 17-week prenatal appointment earlier this week. Everything is looking great!

Blood Pressure: 113/67
Weight Gain: 11 lbs

I felt like this was a lot of weight to gain at this point in my pregnancy, but after looking back on my blog I see that this is the exact same amount I had gained at this point with Lucas. I asked the midwife about my tendency to gain a lot of weight while pregnant (36 with Ryan, 49 with Lucas) and she assured me it was right on target. She said that since my blood pressure is great and my starting weight was in a healthy range, I have nothing to worry about. She basically told me to just relax and enjoy the pregnancy. Ok, I think I can try to do that!
Please excuse the bad picture. Ryan and Lucas aren't exactly up for the challenge of taking my picture yet.

I complained about my frequent headaches which are not relieved by Tylenol. She gave me a few alternative methods to try, but said not to take Motrin, which is the only thing that seems to help me! Darn. One piece of great news is that the sciatic pain has pretty much disappeared over the past couple weeks. The midwife said the baby has probably changed position and is no longer pressing on the nerve.

No baby kicks yet, but I didn't feel them with my boys until 20 weeks. I can't wait to feel this little one move! And of course I am even more excited about our ultrasound in early July that will hopefully reveal the gender!

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