Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toddler Torture Device

I took Ryan to the Dr. on Thursday because I was hearing a slight wheeze when he breathed in and breathed out. I was concerned about asthma, since I had it as a child and a young adult. Ryan was pretty miserable while we waited, with his glassy eyes, flushed cheeks, and bad cough. The nurse checked his oxygen levels and they came back at 95%. Because they prefer them to be between 97% and 100%, they decided to give Ryan a chest x-ray to rule out pnemonia. Little did I know it would involve a toddler torture device!In order to get Ryan to keep his chest still, they had to place him on a little seat sitting upright, and then enclose him in a giant clear plastic tube. His feet were dangling in the air and his arms were up above his head. I got to stand next to him, but I could do nothing to comfort him. He screamed the entire time.I know it traumatized him a little bit, because just a few minutes afterwards he fell asleep in my arms, which never happens. It kind of traumatized me too, and I commented to his Dr. that I, too, felt like laying down and taking a nap. Fortunately the x-ray looked good and Ryan was only prescribed an inhaler to help with his cough. He is still very congested, but definitely on the road to recovery.I know Ryan is feeling better because he's been outside doing lots of mowing this weekend.
PS: Ryan LOVES his inhaler. It's comical just how much he enjoys using it!

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