Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snot and Peepee

My poor Ryan is sick. I'm pretty sure he's on the 2-month cycle. A cold seems to hit him exactly every two months. This time it's a fever, persistent cough, and lots of congestion and snot. He had a lot of energy yesterday, but last night was horrible. He was up all night either coughing or crying, and he was really hot from a fever. I hope this goes away soon!

I do have some fun news to report.....I bought Ryan his first potty yesterday and he peepeed in it 5 times yesterday! I just took off his diaper, sat him down on it, and told him to put his peepee in the potty. I am so proud of my little guy! I realize that what he is doing is a long way from him being able to tell me he has to go before it happens. But it's a great first step, right? And maybe just maybe he will be a great potty-trainer and make up for all the lost sleep he has caused us. A mommy can hope.

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  1. Wow, with him being so sick it's amazing about the pee. Congrats, hopefully he will be the super potty-trainer guy! (Then he can teach Remy!)