Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dude, Sunburst and Jenna-Girl

I would like to introduce the 3 new additions to the Nullmeyer household.
 Dude. Sunburst. Jenna-Girl.
We surprised the kids this weekend with their very first pets. Someday I think it would be fun to have a family pet. Someday. For now, we are starting small with some fish.
 This is Dude and he is Ryan's fish. He chose the name immediately, before we even picked out the fish, and he is firm in his choice.
Meet Sunburst, Lucas' fish. He was the last to choose a name, and he chose it because that is the type of fish he is.
His best feature is his black mustache!
Finally, we have Jenna-Girl. In Jenna's little world, she only knows a few names. And for her, Jenna-Girl is the perfect name. Her fish is a mickey mouse fish because it has black markings near its tail that look like a sideways mickey head.
Smile kids! Let's try to keep our fish alive for longer than a week!


  1. your so awesome Aunt Stephenie i don't know how you put up with everyone and everything that goes on around in your house p.s. this is Ava