Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Simple Saturday

We had a simple Saturday yesterday. Here are the highlights!

Andrew and I got up before everyone else. I had grand plans to get a lot done.
 But just a few minutes later we were joined by Ryan, and then Lucas and Jenna 5 minutes later.
 I finally jumped on the 2-ingredient dough bandwagon. It's a very popular recipe that uses just self-rising flour and nonfat greek yogurt. I tried my hand at bagels. They turned out okay, but I'm going to play around with the recipe a bit more this week.
 Lucas and I made a quick grocery list and made it to Safeway before 9am. Adam stayed home and cleaned with Jenna and Ryan while Andrew napped.
We hurried home and unloaded groceries and then got everyone dressed and ready for Lucas' t-ball practice at 11.
Lucas was asked to show them his batting stance. They coached told him he looked like a pro, and told his teammates to look at him. Even though it was positive attention, it totally embarrassed Lucas and he refused to practice after that.
Ryan practiced on the sidelines.
 Back at home we had lunch.
And watched some Olympics! My clean laundry continued to grow. And Adam chose 2 items to keep from his latest Stitch Fix!
 Adam took Ryan to Big 5 to buy more baseball stuff.
And I got to work making muffins.
 While Lucas and Jenna jumped.
 I did more laundry, and my pile grew.
I bought these cheese snacks at Costco this week and they are good! They are kind of like the mini babybel cheeses.
 Andrew woke up from his second nap and wrestled with the kids.
 Ryan came home and showed me his new baseball pants.
And I made muffins. So many muffins. Lucas likes carrot-applesauce, Ryan likes chocolate banana, and Jenna prefers blueberry.
Adam and the big boys went to the park to try out their new baseball T. I cleaned up with playroom with the two littles. Then we played and messed it all up again.
 Adam hung up our new sign above our bed. I love it!
 After dinner I headed out to the movies with my MOPS friends.
 I have only been to the movies twice since having see Finding Dory and Moana. I haven't seen a grownup movie in a theater since before Ryan was born almost 8 years ago!
 We saw The Greatest Showman and it was so fun!
The End.

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