Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lucas and Jenna

Lucas and Jenna finally seem to like each other! For a long time Jenna really seemed to favor Ryan, probably because he was gentler with her than Lucas. But these days she loves how goofy and crazy Lucas is, and they actually play together.

Lucas and Jenna spend a lot of time together while Ryan is at school, and I realized they still have another year and a half together at home before Lucas starts Kindergarten. They are going to have lots of quality time together!

I often see Jenna intentionally trying to get Lucas to play with her. She will go up and throw a ball right at his face, as if to say "Come play with me!".

Last night the two of them had a screaming match. They were screeching back and forth at each other, and Jenna absolutely won in terms of volume.

Mark my words, these two are going to be great friends.

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