Friday, March 18, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #23

Before I head in to my latest Stitch Fix review, I wanted to announce that Stitch Fix is now offering shoes! I don't typically spent much on shoes (hello Target!), nor do I own many shoes. (I think Adam honestly owns more shoes than me.) But from what I have seen, the shoes Stitch Fix is offering are incredibly cute and high quality. I actually requested a pair of strappy low-heeled wedges in this box but I didn't receive any. I'm guessing lower-heeled wedges are hard to come by. I'm excited to see what kind of shoes they may send me in the future though!

Last month I gave my stylist zero direction and I felt like my box was a bit of a miss. So this time I included an extensive list of requests. In addition to wedges, I also requested an Easter dress, white or light-wash jeans, and a solid colored dolman or tunic style top, to wear over some of my printed jeans and leggings. I did tell my stylist that I was really happy to have kept the purple paisley tunic from last month, and that I have already worn it a couple times over leggings.
My box this month was pretty good, but a few pieces left me scratching my head. I'm not sure if my expectations are too high or if Stitch Fix just doesn't have the items in their inventory that I'm requesting. Here is my note from my lovely stylist:

"Hi Stephanie! I am so happy to hear you found a new and different piece to add to your wardrobe! I took a peek at your blog and the tunic looks fabulous on you! I saw your request for some light wash denim and I can't wait to hear what you think of these jeans by Liverpool. They will push you slightly out of your comfort zone with their pull-on waistband, but the skinny fit and the high waist will flatter your figure and look great with the sleeveless tunic! Or try them on with the pastel printed top by Bobeau for an effortlessly casual outfit in the spring hues you are loving. I saw a floral pencil skirt you pinned and can't wait for you to slip on this skirt by Pixley! Wear it with your grey Market and Spruce Chelsi top from your September Fix and some slip on sneakers while running to a play date with the kids! Enjoy! Heather"

Katarzyna Split Neck Tunic by Collective Concepts
This tunic just really confused me. I wasn't a fan of the print at all, especially because I requested a solid colored tunic. I was picturing a light colored dolman style top that I could wear over leggings, my camo jeans, or my patterned leggings. This just isn't at all what I had in mind. However, the point of Stitch Fix isn't to requested specific items from your stylist, but more to give them a general idea of your style and let them pick out some surprises for you. In any case, this one is being returned. Status: RETURNED

Mira Skinny Jean by Liverpool
I am SO torn over these jeans. They are perhaps the most comfortable jeans I have ever put on my body. They basically feel like soft leggings, but they still look like jeans. The waistband is stretchy, with no buttons or zipper....almost like maternity pants! They are also pretty high-waisted and tight fitting. I wore them around the house for a little while, and NOT ONCE did I have to yank them back up due to sagging. This is huge! I can see myself wearing these jeans all the time during the cooler weather. My hesitation over buying them now is that I was really looking for some lighter wash cropped jeans. I'm considering sending these back and requesting them again during the cooler months, and instead using my clothing budget to buy jeans I will wear now. But should I risk sending them back? Status: UNDECIDED

Eve Floral Skirt by Pixley
My stylist sent this to me because I pinned a floral pencil skirt on my Pinterest board. I had a lot of fun trying this on with different tops in my closet. I thought the overall look was cute, but I finally decided it just wasn't a practical purchase for my lifestyle. I could wear it to church but I don't think I'd ever have another reason to wear it. I will say that it was incredibly soft and stretchy! Status: RETURNED

Shawnly Printed Knit Top by Bobeau

This top had some pretty muted Spring colors, but other then that I disliked everything about it. It was long-sleeve, which I don't need right now because the weather is already warming up. The higher neckline wasn't too flattering, and it was quite see-through, as you can probably tell by the pictures. Status: RETURNED

Kessie Knit Faux Wrap Dress by Brixon Ivy
Last month my stylist sent me a wrap dress that fit me beautifully. I wasn't crazy about the print, so I asked if it came in any other colors or patterns. This faux wrap dress is a pretty pattern, but unfortunately it is not the same dress. This dress has that darn cinched waist that is so unflattering on me. It makes me look boxy and lumpy. The other dress had a higher waistband on it that hit me in the perfect spot. Status: RETURNED

So there's box number 23! What do you think about the jeans? Should I keep them or send them back and request them later in the year? My original plan was to keep some great Spring pieces from this box and then take a 2-3 month break from Stitch Fix. Because I may not keep anything I'm tempted to request another box this month and give Stitch Fix one more shot before taking a break. What can I say....I'm hooked!

If you'd like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, would you please consider using my referral link?

Remember, you can request shoes, accessories, maternity, and petite sizes in your fix! Let me know if you have any questions!


  1. I say keep the jeans - it's so hard to find jeans that are comfortable AND stay put!

  2. Ditto! Keep those jeans, they look great!