Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #20

Can you believe this is my 20th Stitch Fix box? I sure can't! I also can't believe that box number 20 was just as exciting to open as box #1 was. Getting surprise clothes in the mail that have been personally selected for me just never gets old.
This month I requested some casual layering pieces, as well as a pair of bootcut jeans. I also mentioned I was looking for something burgundy to wear for our upcoming family photo session. Here is my note from my stylist:

"Happy fix day, Stephanie! I filled this Fix with cozy and casual fall pieces that you can wear all season long! The Dear John jeans have an on-trend wide leg cut and a mid-rise waist that should help keep them from falling off your hips. Style them with any top in this Fix, like the plaid Skies are Blue top or the striped Pixley top. I picked these shirts with your olive cargo vest in mind! Finish the fall look with some booties and a warm scarf! For your family pictures, pair your Liverpool jeans with the burgundy Skies are Blue pullover sweater and your tall boots, add a plaid scarf or a tassel necklace for some texture and interest! I also found you a fabulous chambray tunic to wear with your leggings! Cinch this top at the hips to flatter your figure and pair it with any color (or pattern!) legging! Enjoy! Heather"

So does anyone else have the problem of jeans falling off of them? I mentioned this to my stylist in the hopes that she could find me a magic pair of jeans that I don't have to pull up every 5 seconds. No matter how tight my jeans are when I put them on, I find that they sag down on me and don't stay up. Does anyone else have this problem? Ok moving on to the clothes!
I received my box of clothes on a Friday and then had a busy weekend. I had a strange stomach bug Sunday night, so I was in no shape to try on clothes and take pictures on Monday, before I had to send back my returns. Sorry, I know it's not as fun to read without all the pictures!
Marson Wide Leg Denim Trouser by Dear John
These pants did not fit me, so I couldn't judge whether the style and cut of them would work for me. They were my size, but for some reason they were very big. I could literally pull them off without even unbuttoning them. Either this brand runs large or I ate one less cookie that day. I do own one pair of bootcut jeans but I'm pretty sure I've had them since before Ryan was born, so they're pretty worn out. I'll have to keep hunting for the perfect bootcut jeans! Status: RETURNED

Destiny Pullover Sweater by Skies are Blue
This sweater was the perfect color for our upcoming family photos. It also fit beautifully. Form fitting without being too tight, and a flattering neckline. It also had this unique detailing that almost looked like the material was braided. Unfortunately, the fabric felt a little itchy. It was made from 100% acrylic, so I'm not sure why it felt itchy. Wool makes me itchy, but I've never noticed it with other fabrics. This was the first time I've received something from Stitch Fix that didn't feel nice. I just couldn't buy something that wasn't comfortable on my skin. Status: RETURNED

Joane Tab Sleeve Knit Top by Skies are Blue
My stylist probably sent this to me because she saw that I pinned some plaid tops on my Pinterest board. Plaid is everywhere this fall, and I love the way a plaid flannel looks with jeans and booties. This knit top was incredibly soft and the plaid pattern was nice, but I just wasn't in love with it. It was just a little short and wide on me, so ultimately I decided to send it back. Adam loved this top, though. Status: RETURNED

Martell Chambray Tunic by Papermoon
When I first pulled this out of my box I didn't have high hopes for it. But when I tried it on I discovered that it is very cute and flattering! This photo definitely does not to this tunic justice. It was a dark navy, almost a gray color. My stylist suggested that I wear it over any color legging. I only own black leggings, so that is what I tried it with. I felt like it had the potential to be styled in other ways, but I just wasn't feeling well enough to figure out how else to wear it. Therefore, it didn't seem like a very versatile piece to me, and I wasn't sure I would end up wearing it much. Now I'm wishing I had been able to try it on with a few other items in my closet before making my decision. Status: RETURNED

Greenich Striped Knit Top by Pixley
Funny story: When Ryan saw this top he exclaimed "Mommy this is just like my shirt!" He's right, he has an elbow patch shirt very similar to this one! I've been looking for a basic striped top to layer under vests and cardigans. I also pinned a cute sweater with elbow patches to my Pinterest board, so I assume that is why my stylist chose this top for me. Elbow patches are so popular right now! Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't. On this particular shirt I really liked them. They are made from a faux leather material, as well as the trim along the bottom sides of the top. I really wanted this shirt to work. Adam wasn't too sure about it but I really liked it. Unfortunately the cut of this top just wasn't right for me. The neckline was a little high, and it made my large chest look even larger. I felt self-conscious in it. My stylist recommended wearing it under my cargo vest, and it looked really cute that way. But I couldn't spend the money on something that wouldn't be worn on its own. Sadly I returned it. Status: RETURNED

So while I loved most of the items in this box, I ended up returning everything this month. I'm a little sad that nothing worked this time, but I'm still excited about scheduling my next Stitch Fix box! I will probably skip next month and then start again in January. Would you have kept anything from this box? Have you tried Stitch Fix for yourself? Sign up here to receive your own box of stylish surprises! https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3168832

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