Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jenna: 1 Year

Happy 1st Birthday Jenna Mae Nullmeyer!
It is hard to believe you are already 1 year old! This past year has gone by so quickly. I have had many moments when I wanted to hit "pause" and remember you at that exact phase and age. You are growing up and changing so quickly these days.
You took your first steps last week! It was a tiny little dainty step at first, but you've gradually been getting faster and braver. You are up to 5 steps at a time now! You also finally started crawling the correct way this month, and you are fast! I turn my back on you and next thing I know, you're in another room. Just yesterday you started climbing our stairs. Guess it's time to put up a baby gate!
You adore your big brother Ryan. Your absolute favorite thing to do is to have crawling races with Ryan. When he gets down on the floor next to you and crawls around, you giggle uncontrollably. You chase after him, laughing the whole way. Is it so stinkin' cute!
Your feelings toward Lucas are still mixed. Sometimes when he's being goofy from a distance you love watching him. But when he gets too close and starts dragging you around, you will scrunch up your face and growl at him, and even try to push him away. I am constantly telling him to leave you alone!
You still take a morning nap every day for about 1.5 hours. About half the time you will take an afternoon nap, but sometimes you really fight it. Nights are either really great or really bad. You typically get nursed to sleep by 8pm, and on a good night you will sleep until around 6:30am. On a bad night you're up every couple hours.
I still nurse you a few times per day, although you seem to be getting less and less interested. There is just too much going on to distract you!
I am happy to report that you are still an amazing eater! The only food you consistently reject is avocado, and you still don't like being spoon-fed. Favorite foods include shredded cheese, peas, raspberries, and any kind of meat.
For the most part you have a really easygoing personality. You are fairly content most of the time, although you do let us know when you aren't happy. You will screech and scream if you want to be picked up, or if you are contained in your pack n play. But you really are an easy baby. Thank you!
You've still got 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom. Your skin is very fair and your hair is a strawberry blond color. Ryan's hair was lighter at this age and Lucas' was darker. You're pretty petite overall, and you seem to have a good mix of features from both sides of our families.
We had a little birthday party today for you with our families.

Your Grandma Jan made you a beautiful princess cake! It was a white cake with a pink raspberry filling.
When it was time to try your cake you were pretty cautious. You licked your fingers a few times but then decided you didn't like the feel of the cake on your hands.

 Present time! Can you spot the baby in her new hat?
I love you so much my sweet Jenna Mae. You are such a gift from God and I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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