Thursday, November 19, 2015

List Maker

I've always been the type of person who makes lists. I remember being little and watching my Mom make all sorts of lists, even for things like which days to wash certain loads of laundry. It's no wonder I love making lists now!

Lately, I am finding my brain really full. I think it's a combination of adding a 3rd child to the mix, Ryan starting school and playing sports, and the holiday season approaching. I just feel like there are SO many things to remember.

There are the bigger everyday things, like writing a grocery list or keeping track of what Christmas gifts I have already bought. Then there are the million other small things that won't get done unless I remember to do them. Making sure Ryan's soccer clothes are clean for his game. Bringing Jenna back for her 2nd round of the flu shot. Filing away Lucas' preschool artwork. Updating my credit card information for a bill online so that we aren't charged a late fee. Shopping for snacks to bring to Ryan's class party. Returning that item to Costco. Writing a thank you note to one of Adam's kind clients. Ordering Jenna's shoes to wear for family photos. Writing an email to Lucas' doctor. Scheduling an oil change for my car. Shopping for Thanksgiving!! I could go on and on and on.

Writing things down on paper feels like it clears up space in my brain to think of other things. Otherwise my brain is like a spinning wheel, trying to remember all the things I need to remember. And I really really hate forgetting things. I feel like I'm a pretty responsible, disciplined person. Forgetting to do something, even if it isn't too significant, feels like I have failed. Like I'm lazy or irresponsible. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to relax. Because if I do, I might forget to do something!

So I write lots and lots of lists. There's my general "To Do" list that I keep near me in the kitchen. There's my grocery list. There's my excel files on my laptop where I keep track of our budgets, Christmas lists, and a few other things. There's my wall calendar that I consult every day for appointments and events. I even keep a list of topics that I want to blog about!
 So tell me, are you a list maker? If not, how do you remember all of the things you need to get done?

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