Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Halloween 2015 began on Thursday with Lucas' Halloween party at school. His Spiderman costume was in the laundry, so he went as Lightening McQueen (his costume from last year).
Ryan had his Halloween parade at school the following morning. When we pulled out our Halloween costumes from last year, we realized Ryan still fits in his Lightening McQueen costume from 2 years ago! Here is Ryan in 2013:
 And 2015:
We decided he needed a new costume this year, though, so he ended up being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
That afternoon I took Lucas and Jenna and crashed Ryan's Halloween party at school.
 Friday night it was time to carve pumpkins!
 Adam's Mom came up for a visit.
 Ryan took his pumpkin carving pretty seriously this year.
 Halloween day finally came!
 Leonardo and Spiderman made an appearance
And Jenna put on her skeleton jammies to watch her brothers go trick-or-treating! My parents came up to watch the fun.
Afterwards Adam and the boys sorted through their bounty and sampled a few pieces of candy. We have SO much candy!

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