Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jenna's 2 Week Checkup

Jenna had her 2 week checkup today, and although I had a couple small concerns, her doctor said she is looking great!
Jenna was born at 7 lbs 2 oz. She dropped down to 6 lbs 11 oz in the hospital, and now at just over two weeks old, she is back up to 7 lbs 11 oz. I have no idea how she is gaining any weight, though, because she is such a lazy nurser! She will latch on and then doze off. Or turn her head and just refuse to nurse. This was one of my concerns, along with how much she is sleeping. Jenna loves to sleep. Some days it seems like she is barely awake more than a couple hours. And at night I do everything I can think of to wake her up, but she will sometimes go 5 or 6 hours in between feedings.
I was starting to worry about her being so sleepy all the time. I know, I know.... this is exactly what I hoped and prayed for. A sleepy baby! My Mom said God is probably shaking his head at me because He gave me what I asked for and I am still complaining and worrying! I'm sorry, worrying about my kids is just part of being a Mom. Luckily, the doctor said that because Jenna is gaining weight so well and looks very healthy, I can let her go up to 5 hours in between feedings at night. And he also told me not to worry about her sleeping habits. Some babies just sleep more than others. I guess I won the baby lottery!

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