Monday, December 29, 2014

3 Under 5

A few random reflections on having 3 kids under the age of 5.
Our house is loud. Seriously. It's really loud.
It's funny how having more kids changes your perspective. I remember when having just baby Ryan made me feel so tied down by always having a baby in my arms, needing me. Now when I get a moment to slip away to a room with just Jenna, I feel so free!
Adam bought me a 30-minute meals magazine for Christmas. I told him he should have bought me one titled 5-minute meals. He thought I was joking. Ha
I often look at these 3 and imagine what life will be like a few years down the road, when they are all big enough to play together, walk to school together, sit at the dinner table together. I'm trying hard to live in the moment, but there are many things I am looking forward to doing with these 3 kids as they grow older.

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