Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jenna: 1 Month

Jenna Mae, you are 1 month old today! So far you are such a sweet baby.
You love to sleep, more than your brothers did at this age! By this age, both boys were colicky. While you are fussy in the evenings, it isn't too bad. You are very easily soothed just by being picked up and held. The only things that make you cry really hard are a dirty diaper or being really hungry. But that is easily remedied by changing or feeding you. Other than that, simply holding you up on my shoulder usually calms you right down.  I love having such a sweet quiet baby!
Your brothers adore you, especially Ryan. They constantly ask to see you and kiss you. So far your brothers have been very gentle with you, with the exception of Lucas stepping on you and throwing an airplane at your head.
I sure hope you inherit those long eyelashes that your brothers have!
Daddy calls you "Baby Jen-Jen" a lot, and I sometimes call you "Miss Jenna Mae".
I witnessed your first smile and "coo" the other day! You were staring at the fringe on your blanket and you grinned and started babbling a little bit. I was a bit jealous that you smiled at a blanket before your Mommy! But since then you have given me a couple half-smiles.
You weigh 8 and a half pounds now, up from your lowest weight of 6 lbs 11 oz about a month ago. That means you are averaging a gain of 1 oz per day, which is right on track. Your big brother Lucas gained twice that per day, and already weighed 10 lbs at 1 month of age! Everything on you seems much smaller and more petite than your brothers. Your facial features are small, your ears are small, you have long slender fingers and toes, and skinny little chicken legs!
 I can't wait to see how you will change in the coming months. I love you so much Baby Jenna!


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