Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #5

It's that time again....time for my Stitch Fix box!! I took a break from it last month because I didn't "need" anything new so close to Christmas. I can't believe this is already my 5th box. I have to say, I think this may be my best fix yet! Previous fixes: Fix 1, Fix 2, Fix 3, Fix 4.

I was actually out walking with my boys today when our mailwoman spotted me and handed me my Stitch Fix box. Of course I couldn't wait until I got home to rip into it.

I immediately spotted some fun colors and patterns. I couldn't wait to get home and try everything on! For this month's box I requested a few things. A military jacket, some cute feminine blouses, and skinny corduroy pants. I also requested no stripes, because I feel like they have been sending me a lot of those. I know my stylist really listened to my requests this time. Here is the paper Stitch Fix sent me with styling suggestions for each item, as well as a personalized note from my stylist.
It reads:

"Hi Stephanie and Happy New Year! I absolutely loved looking through your Pinterest and getting to know your style.  :) We didn't have the studded blouse available, but I did include a blouse with a similar silhouette which I think you'll love even more. The colibri heart print blouse is darling and should fit you perfectly - it would look great paired with the Sweet Rain surplus vest. :) Please do continue to request corduroys and a military jacket - I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for you on those pieces. :) In the interim, please have a blast trying everything on and be sure to let me know what you think! xo, Jenni B."

Here is what I got.

Kut From The Kloth Peony Floral Print Cross-Front Blouse
First off, I apologize for the horrible lighting. The first picture of the shirt alone was taken during the day with natural sunlight. That is the true color, not the faded washed out version that you see me in. When I first saw this floral blouse I wasn't sure if I liked it. The cross-front style is very cute and unique, and it fit me pretty well. I want to add some more floral printed tops to my wardrobe for the spring. But I finally decided I didn't love the large print on this one. It felt a little bit like an old lady's couch print....pretty sure I'm sending this one back.

Kensie Rowena Metallic Cross-Back Peplum Top
This top has a fun metallic look to it that you can't really see in the photo. The idea of this sweater is nice. However, I was almost sure this peplum top wouldn't look good on my body shape. Unfortunately I was right. There's a reason I'm not showing you the front...I looked pretty bad in it. The cross-back is a fun detail though! Since people do have to see the front of me in real life, this sweater will be returned.

Just Black Tianna Skinny Jean
I was probably sent these pants because they weren't able to send me a pair of corduroys. I like the idea of a dark gray skinny jean, but these pants had two things working against them. First, I could barely squeeze into them. Second, I already own a pair of black skinny jeans so I don't really need these gray ones.

Sweet Rain Busacca Cotton Studded Detail Surplus Vest
I am so undecided about this vest! I requested a military jacket, and although this isn't quite what I was expecting, I still really like it. It fits perfectly and is a great length. It has wonderful details, including the studs on the lapels, and a drawstring to cinch in the waist. Once I saw the pictures of it I liked it even more. A bonus is that Adam really likes this one.

Fun2Fun Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse
I was so excited to see this cute heart print blouse! I don't own much navy blue and I love the heart pattern. This top is super soft and has a cute fit to it. I love the tab-sleeve detail. One drawback is that it is really long. I thought I would for sure keep this shirt, until Adam told me it was kind of ugly. Then when I looked at myself in the first picture, I didn't like it as much. I tried tucking it in with different pants and liked that look much better. I'm still torn about this one though.

I think some people have the idea that Stitch Fix is too expensive for them. So here's a little bit of math for you to get an idea of how much Stitch Fix clothes cost. The total cost for all 5 items was $250. However, when you subtract the $20 styling fee I paid up front, you get $230. If you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount, which ends up equaling $172. That comes out to just $34.50 per item of clothing if you keep them all. Not clearance rack prices, but definitely very reasonable for the quality of clothing you are receiving.

Interested in signing up for a "fix" of your own? Do it now, because I hear the wait list is quite long! (Stitch Fix has become incredibly popular). Here is my referral link for you to use!

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