Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Sweet Phase

If there's one thing I know for sure about children, it's that they go through phases. Lots and lots of phases. If your child is being particularly difficult, you can be pretty certain things will get better at some point. And vice versa. Ryan just ended a particularly challenging phase that lasted about a month. He was really whiny and clingy, as well as disobedient and aggressive towards his brother. But then something changed about a week or two ago....and now he is the sweetest boy ever! I want to document this past week so that I can go back and read this the next time he is challenging me.
-Ryan has been so happy! I have caught him singing to himself every day this week, usually while he's playing with his cars. I love love love hearing him sing in his sweet little innocent voice.
-He has been kind to his brother. When Lucas is crying, Ryan has been giving him a hug and asking him what's wrong, instead of stealing his toy and smacking him in the head.
-Ryan has been so goofy this week! He's been laughing a lot and being just plain silly. This makes me laugh and makes me a happier Mom.
-Ryan has been incredibly affectionate with me. Giving me lots of hugs and kisses, and telling me he loves me.
-He has also been very obedient and has done really well this week during quiet time. The other day he stayed in his room for almost 45 minutes playing with his train tracks! I hope this sweet phase lasts a very long time. I love when my big boy is happy.