Thursday, January 30, 2014

In My Head

A few random thoughts floating around in my head this morning:

I knew it was too good to be true. Our household was sickness-free for over two weeks! We all have mild colds, but luckily they don't seem to be getting worse. I hope this cold doesn't result in a round of antibiotics for the boys like the last one. (Or maybe I more ear infection and I bet Lucas will get tubes put in his ears).
We've been having beautiful weather so last week the boys and I went to the local farm, ate a picnic at the park twice, and went on a few late afternoon walks. I sure love California weather.

I am getting my hair cut this weekend (first time since August) and I am really really really looking forward to it. An hour to sit and be pampered while not having to think about diaper changes and time-outs......glorious!
I am already thinking about the boys' birthday party. I have a couple ideas and I'm pretty sure the boys will love it. Now I just have to start planning it!

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