Monday, November 11, 2013

What? What? What?

I've heard stories about kids who ask "why?" all the time. Why is the sky blue Mommy? Why is the grass green?

Well we seem to have skipped right over the "why" stage with Ryan and gone straight to the "What?" stage.
Ryan asks "What?" all the time. I try my best to explain things to him and answer when he's asking me a question. But sometimes it drives me bonkers. Here are a few examples of conversations we have.
Me: Ryan, please go get your socks.
Ryan: What?
Me: Go get your socks.
Ryan: What?
Me: Go get your sock!
Ryan: What?
Ryan: What?
Or here's a more common one:
Me: (Mumbling to myself, reading a recipe)
Ryan: What Mommy?
Me: Nothing Ryan.
Ryan: What?
Me: Ryan, nothing. I was just reading a recipe.
Ryan: What?
Me: I was just reading that I need to add one cup of flour.
Ryan: What?
Me: Nothing! It's nothing! I wasn't talking to you.
Ryan: What?
Anyone else going through the "what" stage?

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