Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stitch Fix Review #3

I was incredibly excited to receive my stitch fix box #3. It feels so special to receive my box of clothes in the mail each month, chosen just for me by my stylist. You can read my previous reviews here and here.
Unfortunately I was let down with this box. There were sizing issues as well as quality issues with two of the items. This will be the first box where I send everything back. I don't even want to post the pictures of me in the clothes because they are so unflattering. But oh well, here is my honest review. (Read my entire review....there is a happy ending!)

Chris and Carol Scarlet Drop Sleeve Striped Knit Top
This shirt was ok. I liked the color, but I had previously told Stitch Fix that I do not like the dolman-style sweaters. They make me feel like a bat. I'm frustrated that they didn't seem to hear my feedback. The fit of this one seemed too slouchy to do anything for my figure. I think I need more structure in my tops for my body type.

Ellison Jasmen Striped and Layered Hi-Lo Shirt

Not only did I think this top was ugly because of the hi-lo style, but it had two snags in it! Receiving clothes with holes in them is not what I signed up for. Adam thought it looked like a men's shirt.

Tulle Aston Embroidered Trim Cardigan 
This was cute but way too tight and short. It is a size medium, but fit like a size small. And I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a 3/4 length sleeve, but it looked that way on my long arms.

Darling Kinlie Floral Aplique Cardigan

At first this one looked cute and I figured it had potential. But then I put it on and again it fit like a size small. Too tight! (Are you sensing a theme here? I don't think I've gained weight, but these clothes sure make it look like I did!) Then I noticed that it has stains on the back! Shame on you Stitch Fix.

Mystree Phoebe Dot and Stripe Sweater Dress
I requested sweaters or dresses this month that I could wear over a pair of leggings I own. While this dress fits that request, I don't really love sweater dresses. The style looks a little old to me. Adam and I nicknamed this the Mickey Mouse Dress.

After I tried everything on, I was feeling really frustrated with my experience. 2 out of 5 items were damaged, and 3 out of 5 were too small. And a couple were just plain ugly. So I emailed Stitch Fix. I explained my frustrations, and within 24 hours I received a response.

They offered to credit my account with $20 towards another "fix". In addition, they asked me to send them an email listing specifically what I am looking for, and they will try their best to accommodate my requests. I am very happy with the way they handled my complaints. Even though this box was a bit of a let-down, I am still very excited about my next box! I think the thrill of receiving surprise items in the mail is what keeps people coming back for more "fixes". I really hope my next box is fabulous!

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  1. Hi - found you by Googling Stitch Fix Blog Reviews. My second Fix was a similar experience. I let them know how let down I was and got the same response - a credit to try again. I was very impressed with the customer service, and I'm happy to say that over time, my Fixes have gotten better and better. I just blogged about Fix #5 today. Loved it and kept 3 items. Hope you have better luck next time, because you're right. It's a lot of fun!