Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Master Food List

Just in case you thought I was a totally normal person, I present to you.......my master list of every single food my boys will eat.
I have plenty of things to think about and remember each day. I decided to clear up some space in my brain and write down everything Ryan and Lucas will eat. The first column is foods they will both eat. (On a good day). The second column are foods Ryan will eat but Lucas will not. The third column is foods only Lucas will eat. You will notice Ryan's column is heavy on the protein, while Lucas exists on a few fruits and the occasional muffin. Both boys enjoy their crunchy salty carbs.

The list looked pretty impressive to me when I first wrote it all out. However, it isn't really a big list when you look at it. I posted this on our refrigerator. I can't say that it has made mealtime any less frustrating for me, but I like having the information down on paper to reference when I'm too tired to remember what to make for them.

So what do you think? Would your children's list look similar? Am I slightly nuts for doing this?

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