Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hair Poof Be Gone

I have a lot of hair. Most people who know me probably know this. But most people don't see me right after I blow-dry my hair. It's a little scary.
I could totally be the "before" girl on a shampoo commercial for fighting frizz. Don't you think?

Here is another shot from the side, so you can really see the volume of my hair in comparison to my head.
I pretty much never have time to do my hair these days. About twice a week I wash it, sleep on it, and then put it up in a ponytail in the morning. On the rare day that Adam is at home and I spend the time washing, drying, and flat-ironing it, it looks something like this. Decent, but nothing special, considering it took me over an hour to tame.
I've been wanting to change it for a long time. I wanted to cut it short, although I do know that short hair doesn't necessarily mean "easy" hair for me. It will still be a giant frizzy poof. So I took the plunge and got it cut yesterday.

Verdict? Ehhh, I don't like it. My last words to the stylist before she started cutting were "Please don't make me look like an old soccer Mom".
 Now I feel like I have a frumpy soccer Mom haircut. No offense to moms with kids who play soccer. I'll probably be one of those within a couple years. I just really wanted to look a little more stylish, but I feel like I got some sort of 1950's haircut.

Here is my hair today, after being slept on. What I've realized is that I wanted not just a haircut, but someone else's hair. Sleek, shiny straight hair. I guess I was expecting a miracle hair cut.
Here's the back.
Sometime when I have a spare 1 or 2 hours (ha!) I'll try flat-ironing it and see how that looks. I know people tell me to be grateful for my thick, healthy hair, but I'm just not right now.


  1. I think it looks cute and it frames your face better than before.

  2. I think it looks GREAT! Especially after you slept on it... But it could be that you are smiling too! Lol

  3. I LOVE your new hair! I think it's so cute! (it does look better with the smile...) It does have a 50's feel, but 50's style is back! I hope you grow to like it :)

  4. I would like it better if it didn't have the curled flip at the bottom. If it was more straight cut and just framed your face, without flipping out, then it would feel more sleek.

  5. Love it! I currently use argan oil by pro naturals and it makes my hair super sleek.