Monday, November 12, 2012

123's and D's

Living with Ryan is sometimes like riding a rollercoaster. Lots of highs and lows. One minute I am yelling at him to stop being so naughty, and the next he is kissing me and saying cute things.
There has been a lot of counting to 3 lately, and I'm the one doing the counting. When Ryan is being really naughty, he runs away from me when I catch him or tell him to stop. Rather than chase him around the house, I have started threatening him by counting to 3. For example, I'll say "Ryan stop that". If he doesn't stop doing the the naughty thing, I'll say "I'm going to count to 3. If you do not stop you are going into a time out. 1......2......"

And what do you know? I've never gotten all the way to 3. There's something about the counting that is temporarily working. If and when I ever do get to 3, I will be sure to follow through with the consequence, so he knows it isn't a game. What is it about counting that gets kids to do what you ask?
On the opposite end of the spectrum is Ryan being really sweet and funny. The age he is at right now is run because not only can he say more words, but he has also developed a silly sense of humor. When you combine those two, it makes for some really cute conversations. This was us earlier tonight: (I have to preface this by saying that Ryan's word for cookie is "D".

Me: "Ryan, I really want a cookie. Can you go get me one?" (I gave up sugar this week and I was having a serious craving for something sweet!)

Ryan: "Otay". (He goes into the kitchen and looks around.)

Ryan: (Runs back to me.) "D no home!!"

Me: "Oh no! Where are the cookies?"

Ryan: "D bye-bye" (Said with a sad face)

Me: "Well can you go find them for me?"

Ryan: (Proceeds to run around the house yelling in a sing-song voice) "Oh DEEEE! Oh DEEE!"
See what I mean? So cute! And oh man, I need to trim his bangs.

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