Monday, August 13, 2012

Hard Week, Easy Weekend

Last week was a bit rough. In fact, I'd probably say it was my hardest week since giving birth to Lucas. There were a few reasons: I was still recovering from Mastitis. And when I don't feel great, it's really hard to give 100% to being a Mom. Lucas was also super fussy. He wasn't getting as much milk from me, so he cried a lot. And stopped pooping. And of course that made me worry about him. I knew he wasn't starving, but he also wasn't my usual happy baby and that meant a lot of crying/bouncing/walking/fussing/screaming. Which meant I had less time for Ryan. And when Ryan doesn't get enough attention or feels jealous, he gets naughty. Very naughty. And very aggressive. There was a ton of hitting and head-butting and time-outs this week. And child-proof door-knob removals by Ryan. All my attention and time was devoted to my two boys. This led to a house that looked like a tornado tore through it. One day both boys fell asleep in the car and rather than go home and have them wake up and cry, I drove up and down the freeway for an hour. One glorious hour of silence. By Friday night I felt like my ears were ringing from all the screeching this week. I was ready to pull out my hair. I was ready for the weekend.

Then the weekend came, and Lucas stopped crying so much. He took a 2-hour nap one day in his crib! We went out for pizza and ice cream together as a family of four. And both boys did pretty well! We visited good friends. I got to do grocery shopping with just one boy. We played outside, washed cars together, and caught up on laundry. Normal family stuff, but with a whole lot less crying. I enjoyed every minute of this weekend.

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  1. Glad you caught a little break, and that Lucas is making so much progress sleeping in the crib!