Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Animal Sounds

Ryan has seen a couple speech specialists lately. One said he was fine, just barely in the "normal" range for his age. The other said he has a mild delay, so we'll probably be getting a little one-on-one help for him, hopefully before the baby comes! Adam and I recently attended a class to learn about ways to help Ryan at home. They said for someone like him, who doesn't even attempt to say new words, it would be good to encourage him to make animal and car sounds. They're not real words, but the idea is to get him talking more and to make him comfortable using his mouth to make different sounds.

Ryan likes to meow and growl and nay, as well as make monkey sounds. So what better place to take him than the zoo?! Last Saturday Adam and I took Ryan to the Oakland Zoo. It was the perfect size for someone his age (and for someone who is 33 weeks pregnant and gets tired easily!). Ryan really seemed to enjoy watching the animals and imitating their sounds.

Unfortunately I am still having computer issues and I can't upload all the cute zoo pictures to my blog! You will just have to use your imagination on this one. I can't wait to take Ryan back once he's a little older, with his baby brother!

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