Thursday, April 5, 2012

31 Weeks

I had a 31 Week Midwife checkup this week. I can't believe I have to start going every 2 weeks now. This pregnancy is really starting to fly by! Here are my stats:

Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs
Blood Pressure: 128/63
Baby's Heartrate: Unknown

The appointment was pretty quick and uneventful. I mentioned my abundance of braxton hicks contractions, some of which are actually a little painful. The midwife lectured me about drinking more water and I promise I am trying harder with this one. It's just that drinking water gives me a heartburn feeling. And laying down in bed at night after drinking anything is incredibly uncomfortable. I guess I need to load up on the water earlier in the day.

Speaking of discomfort.....I'm officially at that point where sleeping is uncomfortable. No matter what side or position I get into, I'm just not able to totally relax. As a result I am waking up quite often.

The midwife reminded me that this baby could really come anytime after 37 weeks. I knew this, but hearing it really made me realize how much I still want/need to do during the next few weeks. Finish the nursery, buy baby items, make freezer meals.....oh and pick a baby name, among other things. Better get moving!

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