Thursday, April 26, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant

Not much new to report this week, mainly just a lot of complaints.

I'm officially waddling. My belly is huge, as well as the rest of my body. I can't get comfortable enough at night to sleep well. When I wake up in the morning I feel like an old lady who can barely get out of bed.

I've had a few mornings where I've felt nauseous, similar to the first trimester. The other day I walked into the grocery store and was turned off by all the smells that assaulted me.

I am fatigued every day. I do fine in the mornings, but right after lunch I just run out of steam. It feels like it takes so much effort just to move my body, and I'd rather just sit down for a few hours and do nothing.

Lifting and carrying Ryan is beginning to really make my back hurt. My left lower back has a certain spot that has bothered me off and on during this pregnancy, and lately it has been worse. It's the same side I carry Ryan on, so I'm sure that's the cause of my pain.

A positive from the week: None of my clothes seem to fit right anymore, but I did have the opportunity to go out alone this week and do a little shopping! It was so nice to try clothes on alone and just concentrate on what I was doing.


  1. Hi!!!
    I am due next week and am so over this pregnancy!!!!
    How are you??

  2. Hi, Enjoy fresh air. Good for both growing baby and yourself.

    Sheila burnett