Thursday, April 19, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant

I had an appointment with my midwife this morning and everything's looking good! Here are my stats:

Total Weight Gain: 33 pounds
Blood Pressure: 119/69
Baby's Heartrate: 150 BPM

I only gained 1 pound over the past 2 weeks. My blood pressure is excellent. Baby is kicking and moving like crazy these days. All good things! The only negative part of the appointment was Ryan. That little boy just does not like to be confined in any way. I had to take him out of his stroller while waiting in the room because he was screeching so loudly the midwife could hear him from another room. After that he climbed all over me during the appointment, touching things and trying to figure out how to make my chair recline. Kind of made it hard to concentrate.

I feel like we've made some good progress lately with getting things ready for baby. We bought the nursery bedding, a video monitor, a baby carrier (Mei Tai style), and a crib mattress. Yesterday I got out all of Ryan's old baby clothes and sorted out the smaller sizes to organize in the nursery. I still have things on my list that I need to check off, but I'm feeling good about what we've accomplished so far. One important things we still need to do is pick a name. No progress yet and it's making me nervous!

Sorry no picture this week. I can't upload pictures to my blog, and I really need to figure out why. I basically look the same, my belly is just sticking out further. Imagine a giant basketball in place of my stomach.

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  1. I am sure you look very cute! :)

    And wow the time is just flying by- I can't believe how close it is getting for you!