Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week of Adventures

Sunday night I looked at my calendar and realized I had absolutely nothing scheduled for this week. No MOPS meetings, no Dr. appointments, no playdates. No major shopping or errands to do, and the house was even relatively clean. So I declared to Ryan that it would be a week of adventures!

I vowed to take Ryan somewhere new and fun each day this week. I had plans to take him to pet farm animals at our local Ardenwood farms, plans to walk him around my college campus, and lots of other fun things. I started the week off Monday morning by packing a picnic lunch for Ryan and I and going to a local park for lunch and some playtime. We had fun eating on the grass and then playing on the playground. Ryan even napped for 45 minutes when we got home! What a great start to our week!

But then right after Ryan woke up, I started feeling "off". Pretty soon I had a wicked sore throat and just wanted to collapse on the couch. And now here I am, still sick and too tired to do much adventuring. I am hoping Ryan doesn't get my cold, so that we can at least fit in one more adventure by the end of the week. Otherwise this is the kind of "adventure" Ryan will be getting himself into around the house.

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  1. He is so cute. I just want to squish him. (And then take him away for a couple of hours so you can get some rest. Wouldn't it be great if we all actually lived close enough to do that??)

    Oh-- at Jonathan's Dr.'s appointment (15 month check up, I think-- I know, ages ago) there was a little boy that came in after us that looked so much like Ryan!! I kept forgetting to tell you about it! But it made me think of you guys!