Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ryan still doesn't say much, so it's comforting for me to know that he understands a lot of what I'm saying.

He can point to the following body parts upon hearing the word: eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, head, hair, ears, fingers, toes, belly button, chin, birthmark (on his wrist), owie (on his knee).

When I ask him to help me with the dishes he opens the dishwasher for me and unloads the dishes one at a time, handing each one to me. I timed us the other day and we unloaded it in 3.5 minutes flat. I like to call it dishwasher olympics.

When I tell him it's time for his bath he runs and grabs about a million washcloths to throw into the bathtub. (One for each body part I guess!)

When we're playing outside he can correctly point out the following things: trees, cars, grass, rocks, flowers, leaves, sky, airplane, truck, kitty-cat, doggy.

The other day I was lying on the couch and I asked Ryan to go get my cell phone and bring it to me. And he did! I'm beginning to think Ryan could talk if he wanted to, but he just chooses not to. He's a stubborn little guy!


  1. Susannah is somewhat like that too. She says a few words, but understands SO much more. We've done signing with her though, so she signs a whole lot more than she says. She loves to empty the dishwasher too! It's a race for me to keep up with her! lol