Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today was the first day in a long time that I felt more "normal". I didn't wake up feeling sick, and I didn't collapse in bed immediately upon returning home from work at night. I will admit that the worry-wort in me is thinking this is a bad sign. But hopefully it just means the first trimester is coming to an end!
Unfortunately I am still unable to go for walks, per instructions from my Doctor. Right before I found out I was pregnant, I was training for a half-marathon. I got up to 7 miles before stopping due to my pregnancy. 7 Miles! I went from hard-core training to sitting on the couch channel surfing. As a result, I am HUGE. Seriously, I'm not really huge, but I have definitely gained a few pounds and I could easily pass for being 5 months pregnant. My pants are getting very tight and I fear I will soon weigh more than Adam.
OK, enough complaining. Here's what you've been waiting for. A picture of our little baby! Here is my 9 week, 4 day ultrasound pic from last week. Sorry it's a bit blurry. Basically the baby is towards the bottom, laying on its back, with the head on the left side. See it?

Oh, and Riley felt left out, so here's a recent photo of him:


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  1. Oh, Steph! It's so good to see a baby photo. I think I can make out the little nully in the corner! I'm so excited. Keep up the posts because now you're not the only one reading them. :) hee hee hee