Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Me Again!

I'm baaack!

This blogging thing is pretty fun, even though nobody is reading it yet. Just thought I'd give some more info about myself. Although I'm pretty sure that anyone who ends up reading this will already know everything about me. Oh well, like I said, this is fun! (And in case you didn't read my first post, I'm stuck in bed. This is far more exciting than watching ANTM re-runs.)

Here is my little family: First up, my dog Riley!

Yes, he's a strange dog. He is a schnoodle (part poodle, part schnauzer). As I type, he is intently staring out the bedroom window at a bird. Too bad I can't take him for a walk!

Next up: The Hubby!

OK, so this is actually my husband and one of my nephews on our wedding day, but I thought it was a cute photo.

My collection of photos actually downloaded to my computer is pretty limited. Stay tuned for my next post about my new pregnancy eating habits! Exciting stuff.

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