Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Blog Post Ever

Hello Blogworld!

I'm not entirely sure what to say (or type). I've never had a blog before, but now seems like a good time to start one!
Adam and I recently discovered that I am pregnant, and I really want a way to document the ups and downs of the next 9 months. We found out just 3 weeks ago that a Little One is growing inside of me, and whoa baby, so much has happened since then! Without going into too much detail, I've developed some frightening complications which caused my Dr. to put me on bedrest this week. I've only been laying in bed for 1 full day now, but this bedrest is tough work! My back aches and I'm sick of depending on someone else for all my needs. (ie: cookies).

Assuming all goes well with this pregnancy, I hope to update this blog frequently with updates on my pregnancy symptoms, complaints, and just life in general. According to my calculations I should be just over 7 weeks today, due late April 2010. But at our ultrasound yesterday, the Dr. said the baby is measuring just 6 weeks along. But we got to see the little heart beating at 160 bpm! That was super encouraging.

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