Monday, February 20, 2017

39 Weeks Pregnant

Well here I am, 39 weeks pregnant and still very much pregnant! Each of my babies has been born earlier than the last, with Jenna 1 week early. So I kind of assumed this baby would follow the pattern and be born before 39 weeks. But I guess it's pretty silly of me to expect the baby to follow the "rules", right? Ha!

I'm noticing my face looks really puffy and fat. I normally have a round face, so when you add 40 lbs and some water retention, I hate the way my face looks! Today I stepped on the scale and it shows I gained 5 lbs in the last 7 days. Yikes.

This week I've been feeling a lot of cramping. I'm not sure if they are contractions because they only last a few seconds, but boy are they painful! Enough to almost take my breath away because they come on so quickly. The other night it was happening so much I thought I was going in to labor, but then it completely stopped.

The kids are off of school this week so they are excited to see if the baby comes while they're at home. Yesterday I enlisted their help to paint the letters for baby boy's name.
I've been noticing a lot less movement coming from the baby lately. I realize he's probably running out of space and I won't be feeling the strong kicks at this point. It's still a little unnerving to not be feeling the constant kicking in my ribs. No doctor's appointment this week, so I'll either have the baby soon or go back to the doctor's next week. It's just a waiting game now!

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