Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sweet Spot

I have heard from many sources that the ages between 5 and 10 are GREAT ages. And I'm happy to report we've finally hit that stage with Ryan. It's like all of a sudden he is in this sweet spot where he no longer behaves like a tantruming little kid, yet he doesn't have the snotty attitude of a pre-teen. He's just fun and sweet and easy and actually somewhat helpful!

When I get a rare chance to spend time alone with Ryan, I genuinely enjoy it. We can just talk or do an activity and he's just pleasant to be around! We have recently had to put Lucas to bed extra early a few nights due to bad behavior. This has resulted in more time with just Ryan in the evenings, and it's been so great! Adam and I will let him stay up and eat a bowl of cereal with us and just talk. I think we all love this extra time together.

Ryan has also become a big help recently in regards to Jenna. When Lucas is in a rage and I have to contain him or calm him down, I can count on Ryan to keep an eye on Jenna for a few minutes. I can trust that he won't try to hurt her....in fact he will keep her away from danger and just act so sweetly with her. He picks up tiny toys so she doesn't choke, and he protects her when his brother is being mean. It's so nice to have a helpful child!

I'm loving this age of 5 and a half. Do you agree that the ages between 5 and 10 are great?


  1. Boy, I wish the tantrums were over! Maeve still throws a fit when we leave a play date. Ugh. But it is getting lots better. I'm so glad Ryan is getting easier!

  2. I am too! I will say that Ryan will behave much worse when Lucas is around. But he is still SO much better these days!