Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stomach Flu

I feel like I've been away from the blog for so long, when in fact it has only been 6 days since I have written.

6 very long sick days.

It was almost like I brought it upon myself. I was ranting to Adam Wednesday night about how stressed I was, trying to get everything done for Christmas. I was blabbering on about Christmas cards, presents, decorating our tree, our budget, teacher gifts, flu shots, school functions, dentist appointments, stocking stuffers.....oh and of course we need to focus on Jesus more, the reason we celebrate Christmas. Oh wait, when was the last time we even made it to church? It seems like someone is always sick around here, which makes it impossible to go anywhere or get anything done. WHY are we always sick? Is it because I can't seem to keep the house clean anymore? I was practically working myself in to a panic attack. Adam was telling me to just let things go and stop stressing. I basically told him there was no way I could relax or slow down until December was over.

I was literally mid-rant when I suddenly noticed my chest was sore. And I immediately knew it was a plugged milk duct, because I've had a million of them in the past. Although surprisingly none while nursing Jenna. By the next morning I had full-blown mastitis. Fever, chills, body aches, and incredible soreness.

That night Ryan (who was getting over a cold), started throwing up. By Saturday the stomach flu hit me. And it was bad. By Sunday morning I told Adam I felt like I was dying. I'm pretty sure it was the dehydration talking. (I had thrown up roughly 20 times) I was able to rest a bit that day, but Jenna had woken up with a bad cold and I was worried about her, and how Adam was handling all 3 kids without me.

I was able to get out of bed Sunday night just in time to see Lucas start throwing up. The thing about 3 year olds is they aren't able to warn you before they throw up. Our couch will never be the same.

Adam finally succumbed to the flu about two hours later. And it hit Adam just as hard as me. So Sunday night I was alternating between bringing Adam ice chips, caring for congested Jenna, and grabbing the barf bowl for Lucas every time he so much as moved.

It seemed like we were all on the mend Monday. I started on the mountain of laundry that had accumulated. But after eating a really light dinner, I was back flat on my back, shivering and sick with nausea.

Today (Tuesday) was finally a bit better for all of us. Ryan is completely better. Adam and Lucas are better but still really tired. Jenna is still pretty sick with her cold, but I am SO thankful that she hasn't caught the stomach bug. And I was able to eat a small bowl of canned green beans for dinner with no nausea afterwards! I'm hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow for something other than Saltines and Gatorade.

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  1. Hoping you're all feeling better this weekend! And take heed! Being overtired can really do a number on your immune system!