Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

My absence from the blog over the past couple weeks can be blamed on technology. I've been having a tough time lately with both my phone and my laptop, including the blogging platform I use. So if pictures seem out of order or there is weird formatting in my posts, you know why.
Our Christmas season was filled with some stress and sickness, but mostly fun and joy. We bought a beautiful Christmas tree, but after half my ornaments were broken by Lucas, I took down every remaining ornament and packed them away. Our tree this year was very simple but still festive.

Adam and his brother built me my very own bike for Christmas! Complete with baby blue around the rims and a granny basket. I love it!

Our attempt at a decent family photo before Christmas Eve church:

I surprised Adam with some canvas prints for our walls. We had family photos done recently by my talented Aunt. I'm so bad about getting photos up on our walls, so I was quite proud that I ordered these in time for Christmas! I'll show the rest sometime soon.

How was your Christmas? I will hopefully get my technical issues resolved soon and get back to blogging. Perhaps I should have asked Santa for a new computer for Christmas!

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