Monday, September 28, 2015

Stitch Fix Secrets and Tips

I am in love with Stitch Fix. You all probably know this. I can't believe that my 19th box is scheduled to arrive next week! Over the past two years I have received 18 boxes of clothes from Stitch Fix, and I have kept a total of 20 items. Those 20 items are a good mix of unique pieces and nice basics that I reach for all the time. I've learned a few things along the way that I thought I'd share with you. I also have a couple Stitch Fix secrets that I think you'd like to know......
1. Use the referral program! First up is perhaps my biggest "secret". When I signed up for my first Stitch Fix box, the thing that made me nervous was the prices. They were definitely a little bit more than I was used to spending on clothes. I shared my experience on my blog and on Facebook, and a lot of my friends were interested in trying Stitch Fix for themselves. So I shared my referral link. And people started signing up! See, when you try Stitch Fix for yourself you are given a unique referral code to share with your friends. Every time someone signs up using that link you receive $25 in Stitch Fix credit. To date, 37 people have signed up using my referral link. Of those, 29 people have actually received a box, which means I got referral credit for those 29.  29 multiplied by $25 equals $675. Yes you read that right. I have received $675 worth of free clothes! The referral program is absolutely fantastic, and one of the main reasons I have been able to continue my Stitch Fix addiction! Thank you to all of you who signed up using my link.
2. Be honest about your body. I think a lot of women don't want to try Stitch Fix because they aren't in love with their current body size or shape. I understand that investing in clothing if you are losing or gaining a bunch of weight doesn't make sense. But we all have parts of our body we aren't in love with. Be honest in your style profile and you tell your stylist exactly what you want to hide or show off. For example, I have referenced the fact that I am very short-waisted with wider hips that sit high on my body, giving my mid-section a thicker boxy shape. So my stylist knows to send me tops that work with my specific body type. Don't be afraid to try Stitch Fix because of your body. The right fit and cut of clothes can make you feel really good about yourself, even when you have "trouble spots"! (For the record, I have done Stitch Fix while pregnant as well as post-partum, and I'm glad I did.)
3. Find a great stylist and leave feedback. I had a few different stylists before I found my current one. She is absolutely fantastic so I have requested to keep her as my permanent stylist. Yes, you can do this! I always make sure to write specific feedback after each fix. That way Heather knows why I send back certain items, and she can fine-tune my next box to be even better.

4. Use Pinterest. I never used Pinterest until I started Stitch Fix. But now I have a board specific to Stitch Fix that I update regularly with styles that I like. Here is my Stitch Fix Pinterest board if you're curious: You can even get creative and post pictures of yourself, or a picture of the current clothes in your closet (something I've thought about doing).  I write little notes under each outfit I pin, telling my stylist exactly what I like about the items, and what types of styles I'd like to see in my boxes.
5. Stitch Fix has amazing customer service. Out of 18 boxes, I have only had 1(Fix #3) that I was really disappointed in. The style was way off, and 2 items had defects. I emailed the company and not only did they refund me my $20 styling fee, but they sent me a replacement "fix" the following week. I was so pleased with their response! I also recently purchased a shirt that got a snag after only wearing it one day. I e-mailed Stitch Fix to inquire about an exchange, but they no longer had that shirt in stock. So they offered me a full refund, no questions asked. What other clothing company does this?
6. You can peek....but don't! Once your fix ships, you have the ability to go online and "peek" at your items' names and prices. I will confess that I used to do this before receiving each box. But I found that it took some of the fun out of the experience. Other than convenience, the absolute best part of Stitch Fix is the fun surprise factor! Knowing what you will receive ahead of time sets you up for passing judgment about your items before they arrive. I have since changed my ways and I no longer peek. It is better to wait and see the items in person before forming an opinion. Each box that arrives is a complete surprise!
So there you go...a few tips to help you with your Stitch Fix experience. As always, here is my referral link if you decide to sign up for Stitch Fix!

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