Friday, September 4, 2015

Soccer Mom

I am officially a soccer Mom.
Ryan started practicing on his first soccer team a couple weeks ago. At first he was hesitant, as he always is with new experiences. But that's just how Ryan is. You don't get much outward enthusiasm out of him, so I wasn't sure if he liked playing soccer or not. But by the 3rd practice I could tell he really wasn't enjoying soccer. I was pushing him to go to practice and he was throwing a fit, saying he didn't want to go.
At the age of 5 I feel like sports are just for fun. If the child is not enjoying it, then they shouldn't be forced to play. Last week we told Ryan he needed to attend one more practice before he decided to quit the team. He was 100% certain he wanted to quit, but I don't want to teach him to give up on things the minute they get a little I dragged him to one more practice. We were walking out to the field and Ryan was practically in tears. I was about to approach his coach to deliver the bad news. And then Ryan spotted his best buddy from Kindergarten and the heavens parted.
Suddenly, soccer was fun! Ryan absolutely loves his new best friend in his Kindergarten class, and once he discovered that he was also on his soccer team, Ryan was in love with soccer. He has decided to stay on the team.
So we've been attending practice twice a week, which isn't always easy with 3 little kids. Lucas entertains himself during practices by stripping down and pouring water on himself.

 While Jenna eats cheerios and smiles at everyone passing by.
So far being a soccer Mom means lots of stinky socks and extra expenses, but I know someday I will look back on these years and really miss them.

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