Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Struggle

Summer is all about being a little lazy because you don't have lots of plans. It's about staying in your jammies later in the morning and just seeing where the day takes you. No getting up early for school, no sports practices to get to. No Mom's group meeting or playdates. I know a lot of Moms (and kids!) who love summer because of its freedom. Me? I'm really struggling with it! I love structure. I like having a plan for my day, and knowing what we'll do at what times. I like seeing my calendar filled up with things to do during the week. Sure, we have our fair share of just "free play" time........
But after a while I need to get out of the house or I honestly feel like I'm going a little bit crazy. Staying at home lounging around can make me start to feel depressed. So I try really hard to plan things for us to do. Simple things like going to the farmer's market or having a picnic at the park get written on my calendar. I like having these things to look forward to.

My problem is that going out alone with all 3 of my kids causes me a bit of anxiety. There are a million reasons why it is hard. Just packing enough essentials for 3 little kids can be stressful. (drinks, snacks, extra diapers, extra underpants, extra pants, stroller, etc etc etc). Then there's the process of getting all 3 into the car.

But the real stress for me starts when we're out and other people are around. It is really hard to control my kids when we are out. At any moment one of them could bolt (Lucas I'm talking about you) and make me chase after them, all while wearing the baby. At any moment one of my kids could throw a tantrum and embarrass me. One could drench their last spare outfit in juice. Knock over a display case in the store. Punch their brother in the face. Throw their sippy cup into a public fountain. Poop all over themselves and me. (Not that any of these things have ever happened. HA)
And yet I keep going out. Almost every day we go on an adventure somewhere. And I'm realizing that it's one of those things that gets a bit easier over time because each time I go out, I gain a little bit more confidence as a mother. I'm learning not to care so much what those around me are thinking. I'm learning to focus on my kids and not change the way I parent them just because other people are watching. I'm also learning to lower my expectations.....drastically. If we make it home without anyone losing a limb or their underpants, I'm calling it a successful outing.
Do you get anxious going out in public with your kids? Do you enjoy the summertime or do you struggle like I do?

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  1. I plan a lot of playdates for the summer, and we try to keep busy, but with Maeve's recent spate of terrible behavior, I do get anxious about bringing her places.