Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #17

I'm back with a fun box full of Stitch Fix goodies!
I love Stitch Fix for so many reasons, there are too many to list. Receiving clothes in the mail like this is not only fun and exciting, but also really practical and helpful. Being a stay at home Mom means I often don't see another adult during the day. I have found myself at times falling into the pattern of wearing workout clothes or a saggy baggy old t-shirt, especially if I don't plan on leaving the house that day. After all, my kids don't care what I wear. Why put in the effort of putting on real clothes and a little makeup if nobody is going to see me?

Well I have found that I really do feel different when I take 5-10 minutes to look more presentable. I feel more confident, prettier, more productive.....and I never know when I'll end up bumping in to someone I know! Stitch Fix has really helped me to boost my wardrobe so that I have cute pieces I can grab and put on. It makes getting dressed in the morning pretty fun!

This month I asked my stylist for casual tank tops and shorts. I specified that I'd like fewer overall prints this time. I was looking for more versatile items in solid colors with unique detailing. My summer wardrobe is slowly starting to fill in, but I'm feeling like I need a few more basics to get me through the rest of the summer. We still have at least 2-3 more months of hot weather here! I also told my stylist that this was my "birthday fix", so I'd like something fun or extra special.

My stylist wrote to me: "Hi, Stephanie! Happy Birthday! I hope you find the perfect present for yourself in this Fix! Thank you so much for keeping your Pinterest board updated with the current styles and pieces you are looking for, it is so helpful! I'm so glad you requested shorts again because I found you the perfect pair by Dear John that are going to be incredibly flattering on you. They come with a cuff that you can adjust to get the perfect length for your figure. Try them on with the gorgeous purple top by Fun2Fun or the embroidered Skies are Blue tank. These pieces are simple and versatile and have unique details that will make them stand out. Since this is a special Fix, I found you a romantic lace top by Loveappella that will be perfect for a date night out with our husband to celebrate your birthday! Enjoy your Fix! Heather"
I have a couple days until I have to return my unwanted items in the prepaid envelope Stitch Fix provided to me.  I need your help this month! What should I keep? I'm tempted to keep everything because then I will receive a 25% discount off of everything, which is a pretty sweet deal. The cost to keep more than two items is MORE than it would cost me to keep everything! So I need to either settle on one or two favorites, or keep the whole box. What would you do?

Blythe Tie Neck Knit Tank by Skies are Blue
I loved the look of this top right out of the box. Adam even said he knew I would love it as soon as he saw it. I love the coral color, the embroidery detail, and I even love the lace-up tie on the front. My only issue with this tank is that it is a big large in the chest, near my armpits. If you look at the third photo above, you can see how it gapes a little bit in that area. It almost seems like the armholes are just too big for me. This top is made out of cotton so if I kept it I could try shrinking it a little bit. However, the more I look at the pictures, the more I wonder if the overall look of the shirt is a little too young looking for me. What do you think?

Shaeden Lace Overlay Knit Tank by Loveappella

I don't wear a lot of black because I'm not so sure my pale skin looks great in it. However, I love the look of this top. The lace circle detail that you see by my neckline is so pretty. The shirt feels like it is really well made. My one concern is that the fit feels a bit boxy. I can't tell if the style of the shirt is too boxy for my frame, or if the shirt is just a little too big on me. And let's be honest....I don't get dressed up much, so I don't really have a good reason to buy something black and lacy. I'm not sure I would have a reason to wear this shirt very much. I do really like it though! And if I kept it, Adam would HAVE to take me out for a nice birthday dinner, right??

Newcomb Crochet Detail Top by Fun2Fun
I love purple! It is one of those colors that always makes me feel pretty, and yet I only own one purple top in my entire closet. The fit of this top is great. It is slightly longer in the back, which I think is a nice look as long as the length difference isn't huge between the front and the back. It is perfect on this shirt. I also like the split neckline and detailing around the top. It is very subtle, but just enough to make it cute and not boring. I also like that purple is a color that can carry over well into Fall, so I can see myself wearing this under a cardigan once the weather cools off. The style card suggested pairing it with white jeans and a denim jacket, so I tried out that look and I really like it for the Spring season. I'm definitely leaning towards keeping this one. It's simple but pretty and versatile.

Larisa Crochet Trim Knit Top by Skies are Blue

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about this top. I initially really liked it. The cobalt blue color is beautiful and flattering. The straps show off my shoulders which are finally starting to show a tiny bit of a tan. Ha! The crochet detail along the bottom is very pretty and feminine, and I love how it pops against a pair of white pants or shorts. However, I wish the crochet detail extended all the way around the back. The back of this shirt just seems a little strange because it is slightly shorter than the front. When I look at myself from the side the shirt just hangs on me and looks kind of strange. Again, I can't tell if the top is too big or if it just has a boxy fit.

Lillie Cuffed Short by Dear John
These shorts are by the same brand as the shorts I kept from a few fixes ago. I wear those shorts all the time, so I assumed I would like these. They are a cute basic pair of cuffed denim shorts. Now, I already own two pairs of denim shorts. One is a darker wash without a cuff and one is a lighter wash with a cuff. This pair from Stitch Fix falls somewhere in the middle in terms of color. They fit well when I first put them on. But after wearing them around the house for less than an hour, they were already sagging off of me. I always have this problem with jeans and shorts. Even if they are my correct size, they sag off of me in the back. I don't like wearing belts but maybe I need to invest in a couple. Anyone else have this problem? If I kept these I could try to shrink them a bit.

So overall this fix was definitely my style. Unfortunately I had a couple fit issues. I'd like your input on what I should keep and what I should send back!

One of the best perks of Stitch Fix is their referral program. Any time someone signs up to receive their first box using my referral link, I receive a $25 credit towards a future purchase. And you would get your own unique referral code to share with your friends once you sign up for your first box! It's a pretty great deal. Here is my referral link if you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix.


  1. what did you decide about the black shaeden lace overlay knit tank? I got it too in my stitch fix.

  2. I ended up returning it. It just felt a little too loose and boxy on me.