Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jenna: 8 Months

Jenna you are 8 months old today! You are such a joy and still such a happy girl! Anytime someone smiles at you, your face just lights up.
As I was reviewing my photos of you for this month I realized I have a lot of pictures of you in your highchair! I guess you do spend a fair amount of time there. You love finger foods and I love having you close by while I'm doing stuff in the kitchen. One of your favorite foods right now is shredded cheddar cheese. Yum!
You are starting to become more verbal. Your favorite sound right now is "NANANANA". I have also heard you say yaya and dada once.You are currently cutting your top two teeth. So far they haven't caused you too much pain or kept you up at night much.

Speaking of sleep, you are still an awesome little sleeper! You generally sleep through the night about 10-11 hours. You take a 1.5 hour nap every morning and a shorter nap in the afternoon, closer to 45 minutes. I feel like pinching myself sometimes to make sure this is real. A baby who actually sleeps!

Your gross motor skills are developing much slower than your brothers. You are such a lazy little baby! You are a pro at rolling to get something you want. But you really haven't made any attempts to crawl yet. You lay on your stomach with your arms behind you and "swim" or "fly". It's like you don't even understand that you need to pull with your arms in order to crawl. You are content to just lay there and look cute. You are getting better at sitting up.

Separation anxiety definitely set in this month. I have tried leaving you a couple times with people other than Daddy......and you just cried your little eyes out both times. You scan the room looking for me and then start sobbing until I come back. I know this is a normal phase for most kids, and your brothers did the exact same thing. I guess it's nice to be so needed!

We call you all sorts of nicknames, and most of them have "goo" in them. Goo goo girl, Goo goo Mae, Jenna Mae Ah Goo, and Goozy Girl.

I love seeing your little personality starting to emerge! You are starting to get a little goofy, making cute faces at us to make us laugh. You still make a really cheesy stinky smiley face. I love it!

Jenna you bring so much joy to this house! I can't wait to see how mobile you become this next month. And I'm excited to see more of your sweet little personality emerge. I love you sweet Jenna Mae!

Your first selfie:

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