Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dinner Recap: What The Boys Ate

I thought it would be fun to do another recap of what we ate for dinner, only this time post about what the boys ate. I blogged about some recent family meals here. But now I'm sharing with you not only what I cooked, but what the boys actually ate. Because we all know that they don't happily eat most of the food I make! I've explained before that I don't make a separate meal for them. I do try to include one item each night that I know at least one of the boys will eat. But that's about as accommodating as I can be. I want them to learn to be grateful for the food put in front of them. We are slowly seeing Ryan be more open to trying new foods. Slowly.
Monday: Salad with tomatoes, Homemade sourdough bread pulled from the freezer, Kale chips, Salmon seasoned with Cajun seasoning, and Salmon burgers. We only had two salmon fillets, so I opened a can of salmon and cooked up some salmon patties, thus the large meal. I froze the leftover salmon burgers.
Ryan: Ryan loves salmon, so he ate almost his entire piece. I put a small salmon burger on each boys' plate. Ryan took a tiny bite and said it was good but didn't eat anymore. He ate 1 kale chip. No salad or bread.

Lucas: When I put the small salmon burger on Lucas' plate he cried for a bigger one. I think he thought they were chicken nuggets! He actually ate a few bites of his fish burger but then realized it didn't quite taste like chicken. Lucas also ate almost all the kale chips. No salmon, bread or salad.

Tuesday: Pot Roast cooked in the crockpot. Zucchini coins. Raspberries. The zucchini coins were sliced zucchini that I breaded in panko crumbs and parmesan, then baked until crispy. They were SO yummy.
Ryan: He ate a few pieces of beef, as well as 1 tiny bite of zucchini. He also had 5 raspberries. This is a fruit we serve often and he has finally gotten used to eating a couple at a time. Big progress for him!

Lucas: He tried one bite of zucchini and ate between 5 and 10 raspberries.

Wednesday: Tostadas with homemade refried beans from the freezer. Toppings included cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro and salsa. On the side I served strawberries and bell peppers. These were refried beans I cooked in the crockpot two months ago and then froze the leftovers. They were just as delicious this time around! I crisped up corn tortillas to use as the base to the tostadas.
Ryan: He ate 1 tostada topped with cheese and salsa. He also ate half a strawberry and licked a microscopic piece of a bean.

Lucas: He ate 1 tostada topped with nothing. Ha! He also ate 5 strawberries.

Thursday: I cooked some pasta and topped it with sautéed chicken breast, broccoli and carrots. Topped with parmesan cheese.
Ryan: He ate 1 serving of noodles topped with parmesan cheese. Also ate two small pieces of chicken and 1 tiny bite of broccoli.
Lucas: Nothing
So there you go...what I cooked and what the boys actually ate. Reviewing this is actually very encouraging because I can see how far Ryan has come this past year. He willingly takes a tiny bite of vegetables now, and even eats small amounts of fruit. Lucas is still extremely picky but I have hope that he will grow out of this phase.

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